WOMB Medicine 

Womb, shelter, cocoon, the warming and protective space for all that is still undeveloped, still germinating, still fragile, resting, restoring, re-wilding, readying itself for emergence. Mother earth is called mother because it is from her womb that all life stems, it is also to her womb that all life returns. Her seasonal rhythms sing their song of womb wisdom, shedding, dying, seeding and birthing. Grandmother moon, is called Grandmother, because it is her womb, that holds the dark night of rest and weeping, the place of dreaming and weaving and holding together the tides of the expansive oceanic waters. Like the Grandmother’s twenty-one-day cycle, so is women’s womb cycle, like Mother earths rhythmic wisdom, so is the women’s womb wisdom.

Before conquest and colonization, mass immigration and cultural genocide, cultures all over the world held the woman as sacred for the ways in which her body danced in unison with the currents of the universe. Young women were eldered by older women on the magical mysteries contained within the womb of their bodies and how this endowed them with a unique and sacred responsibility within their world and the great soul of the world. Modernity in our current context, has exiled women from these sacred relationships with their wombs, whose impacts can be seen all through the lines to which they are connected. Desecration of the mother, becomes desecration of the woman, exile from the rhythms of nature, creates an exile from the sacredness of the womb. Womb Medicine seeks to restore these connections, re-member womb wisdom, re-wild our relationships with our primordial birthright, re-weave our wise woman medicine.


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One on One WOMB Healing

As a woman you deserve to be honoured, each stage of your sacred life acknowledged and celebrated. You deserve the time and space to connect, heal and nurture yourself, just as you innately so often nurture others. You deserve to powerfully embody your uniquely seeded, original medicine, in harmony with the cycles of life and Mother Earth. For indeed it is your birthright. 

Ancestral teachings of the womb tell us, that the womb is the sacred place of power and creation where the medicines of passion, intuition, creativity and sexuality live. The ancient cauldron of the sacred feminine.

Utilizing a combination of spiritual guidance, shamanic healing, energy medicine, sound therapy, sacred ceremony and transformative art, Melanie works alongside you to tap into the ancient power of the womb, and strengthen intuition, (re)ignite creativity, reclaim the medicine of the sacred feminine and provide healing.

WOMB Healing Sessions are helpful for:

~ Fertility Challenges
~ Pregnancy Termination and Loss
~ Reproductive Health Challenges and Dis-ease
~ Relational and Sexual Healing
~ Menopausal Support
~ Mother Wound Healing

The healing of our own womb, ripples backwards to heal the womb injuries within our ancestral lineages inherited by generations, while clearing the lines forward for this re-membered medicine to make its way to our descendants. As above, so below, our womb healing also supports the healing of collective wounds endured by our global village of women and our great Mother Earth.

Womb healing is a co-creative and participatory journey that requires courage, vulnerability, trust and commitment. To enable the depth of this work to emerge for womb healing to take root, this work is conducted through 3 sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours for a total investment of $350. 

13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb

In the deep Amazon jungles of Peru, a lineage of female Shamans of the Shipibo Nation and the jungle medicine passed on the medicine of a womb blessing named the 13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. The rite has since travelled with a collective of womb keepers, to which Melanie is a part, to women all over the globe. Linked with the 13 moons of the year, Womb Keepers of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki, deepen and preserve this rite through a set of teachings and practices aligned with their own womb (Moon) cycle, that like the healing spiral, is deepened through every cycle. Having been passed this medicine by a sister in the lineage, four years ago, Melanie has passed this rite on to over one hundred women and counting.

These rites will be passed by Melanie to women in all stages of their life, through a 3-4 hour womb blessing ceremony intended to help heal the intergenerational wounding’s brought against the womb and the feminine, both earth and woman, ancestral and present day. Having been carried by so many womb keepers world wide who pass it on to so many other women, the 13th  Rite of the Munay-Ki also acts as a thread that weaves women from various cultures, races, geographies, ages and ethnicities together through the medicine in their wombs as they courageously shapeshift their lineages, the living dream that holds our earth mother and reclaim their inherent sacred feminine wisdom.

For more information visit: The rite of the Womb

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13 Moon Womb Journey 

Next Circle starting early 2020.

Art by Lucy Pierce

Art by Lucy Pierce

Join us in sacred space as we collectively journey into our womb consciousness. During our time together we will explore, connect to and heal our womb space through cycle tracking, movement, shamanic journeying and healing practices, sacred ceremony, transformative art, energy medicine, and compassionate sharing & witnessing in circle. Together we will weave together ancient wisdom and modern practice allowing us to reclaim and connect with our inner wisdom and creativity.

If you are feeling called to this work please email me at info@melanieoleary.com for more details. 

We will be gathering for 5 hours one day a month for 13 months.