Alder & Birch Creations 

Alder and Birch is an intergenerational, co-creative soul crafting project that was birthed by Melanie and her mother, Valerie, in the days following the birth of Melanie’s daughter Maya in 2011. As they spent time together welcoming this new little sprout, wandering through clay shops and beaches bursting with driftwood, browsing creative projects and inspired by folklore, the seedlings of their emerging spirit dolls had officially been planted. As they dreamed, created and brought each doll to life, they began to notice that through the act of creation, the doll’s spirit took on a life of its own, much grander and more powerful than they could have imagined, reaching out and touching the lives of those who would later encounter them and claim them as their own. From these humble and loving beginnings, Alder & Birch Creations was born. The spirit dolls responsible for their inception, have travelled to over 100 homes in four different continents where they continued to inspire people to want to learn the craft themselves! Hundreds of dolls later, Alder & Birch Creations has grown to have planted itself as a Soul Crafting staple, specializing in a wide variety of handmade and family woven sacred tools, wild medicines and folk cultured art.