Welcome Soul Traveller.

Are your feet aching from long searching?
Is your heart filled with sacred longing?
Are your dreams still dreaming? 

I see you. I see your eyes twinkling and your heart overflowing. I see you tending the weaving of things yet to come.

I have been drawing the curtains and steeping the tea, adorning the mantels, and gathering the medicines, in preparation for your arrival. You dear one, are the one I have been waiting for.

Please come in, take off your shoes, get cozy and settle in. Slowly now… take your time leading your curious heart through the bounty of these pages. I have woven these pages with you in mind. Savor the offering, sense into the need, listen to the nudging, hear the small whisper from somewhere deep within. Everything, everything, dear one…….. is waiting for you.



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