All seeds require the darkness to germinate. It is within the safety of the dark, black, nurturing soil, where that little seeds potential is carefully held, gently tended, and sweetly sung to by the dying of the old, so that it in due time it will be strong enough to courageously shatter its shell and become a life in yearling bloom. This is the law of nature, whose sacred cycle begins and ends, over and over again.
— Lucy Unl-Awful

What is a Soul Medicine Journey

Soulwork is deep work that works from the inside out, rather than the outside in. It is a journey, rather than an event. It is co-creative and participatory and is grounded within the foundation of relationship. Central to the work is one’s relationship with themself, allied with one’s relationship to nature, the land, ancestors, and spirit helpers. Melanie works alongside you to identify blockages, re-harmonize dis-connection, open doors to lineages that have been lost and awakens capacities that have gone dormant or been misplaced. Once blockages have been cleared, disconnections have been re-harmonized and capacities have been awakened, you will be provided with methods and tools that will allow you to the be the conductor of your own journey. This will enable you to work with the elements, be in communication with your helping spirits, while gaining the capacity to track, witness, heal and make meaning of your life. 

Soul Medicine Journey Structure

Initiatory Commitment Journey

In order to create enough space for the depth of this process to take place, we ask that you initiate your dedication to yourself by committing to a 3 month journey with a minimum of three ~ 2 hour sessions. Melanie is there to support and guide you before, during and after your Soul Medicine Journey and will be available for on-going support via phone and email. 

Session 1:  Initiation

Historically, the word initiation was known as “beginning upon”, the first step of a new journey moving us from one place to another. In the shamanic healing process it also signifies the beginning of the death of something no longer needed. Our focus in this session will begin with connection and exploring the dimensions of your life holistically and develop a personal roadmap to meaningfully guide us through the work we are embarking on. Within this session, clients will receive an in-depth and intermodal healing session, power animal retrieval and initiatory training in shamanic journeying. Clients will be asked to form an intention by the end of the session that announces the journey they are embarking on.

Session 2: Liminal

Liminality has been described as “a quality of ambiguity or disorientation” that occurs in the middle stage of a transformation, or of birth and death. In the healing process, this stage is said to occur in a process of metamorphosis, between the death of the old self, as old ways of being and understanding are let go, and new ways of being are yet to be formed. The liminal session is a significant and necessary invitation to go deeper into the root of the issues presenting themselves. Tools utilized, rituals, rites and medicine applied will depend on the unique needs presented within this session. You may experience clearing and balancing of your chakras and luminous energy field, energy extraction, helping spirit retrieval, soul retrieval, curse-unraveling, ancestral healing, soul re-membering or re-connection with your personal soul song. At the end of the session instructions for remedies and extensions of personal work will be given to support the healing that happened within session.

Session 3: Integration

Integration is the final stage in this healing process. It signifies a change has occurred, and the initiate is no longer the same person as the one who started the journey. Therefore, the integration session is a ceremonious celebration of emergence. In this session, we will track the changes that occurred in your healing journey, discover new meaning and apply the medicine acquired to your emergent new life. In the second half of the session, we will conduct the beginning work of integration by addressing things that have come up through the work, gathering wisdom about sustaining the change, and building resources for containment. Shamanic journeying will be deepened, symbolism will be created to mark the closure of the process, and an ongoing plan for soul care will be refined.

Shamanic Healing is available as Sun Sessions (during the day) or Moon Sessions (in the evening). 
A 3 session commitment is required for this offering.
Each session will be 2 hours long and our journey together will be at least 3 months. 
Investment is: $500  (payment plans available) 

"I sought out Melanie after struggling with a matter of the heart. From a place of pure knowingness, she offered insights that felt true for me and aligned with my real life experiences. Because she was able to meet me without projecting her own stories onto mine, I felt truly seen and was relieved to know I was correct in trusting my own intuition. I trust Melanie to share her wisdom on any aspect of life."
~ Kiley, Vancouver BC

"Melanie is an amazing and beautiful person who has helped me endlessly in getting reacquainted with my inner-self. I feel blessed to have been united with Melanie as my trusted healer."
~ Sean, NL

"I have been dealing with patterns in my life that seem to get better from time to time but they always seem to return. I have found myself to be frustrated and trying to change on one hand while to stay unconscious on the other. I am grateful I found Melanie. There is more work and healing to be had, but I left her healing session with insight and understanding about who I am and what I need to be a more authentic, fulfilled person. If you are on this path and finding yourself wondering what direction to go and need help going deeper, I would strongly suggest you see Melanie for guidance. She is kind, understanding, experienced, professional and all around solid trusting person to work with. I appreciate all her support before the session, during and after. I look forward to our next session and or women's gathering that may come up."
~Emily, Vancouver