Life is a Sacred Journey. We all come into this world with our own unique gifts, lessons to learn and a chance to co-create our sacred path with Spirit.
— Melanie O'Leary

Born and raised into the farmlands and forests of Northern British Columbia, Melanie is no stranger to the mysteries of the wild, the whisper of the forests and the careful tending required to produce what nourishes us. In between these old cycles of birth and death, a gentle spirit was nourished with the perfect blend of curiosity, old knowing and wild tending. Her connection to creativity and deep relationship with the land, flowed gently and generously. 

Like every old story that has somehow earned its keep, somewhere along the way, she got lost. In order to make her way home, she would have to learn to navigate in the dark, move beyond the seductions of the distracted, and cultivate the healing medicine for the sting of her wounds.

Melanie learned that the path to uncovering and embodying one’s own personal medicine, came from facing the darkness of her own life and healing the wound that held the seed. By reconnecting and nurturing the relationships to herself, to mother earth and to her guides, they became the soil that allowed the seed to grow. She bloomed as woman of the generous heart, weaver of the healing womb wisdom, initiator of women still uninitiated, communicator to the soul. Mother, Midwife, Medicine Maker, Soul Crafter, Land Tender, Partner, Healer, Teacher.  

Combining contemporary and traditional wisdom, Melanie remains committed to preserving ancestral wisdom traditions by restoring myth, creativity, storytelling, ritual, rites of passage and shamanic medicine within her healing practice. With natural creativity, multiplicitous artistry, and innately abundant gentleness, Melanie helps stitch back together the worlds of body and soul as they come together for women, men, couples and youth of all walks of life. 

It’s a passion for me to help people connect to their roots, to the land where they are from and to honour their ancestry. To help heal their past, dream their future, connect to their authentic self and support them in being or becoming who they really are. Holding space through the challenges in life and celebrating their victories.
— Melanie O'Leary

Education and training that has influenced and deepened my work.    

Traditional Healing & Shamanism
2009-2014 ~ White Bone Shamanic Arts: 3 Year Apprenticeship - Westcoast Shamanic
2012-2015 ~ Initiated into the Nine Rites of the Munay Ki
2014 ~ Curanderismo: Traditional Medicine - University of New Mexico
2015 ~ Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing Part 1 & 2 - Sandra Ingriman
2017 ~ Introduction to Shamanic Herbalism - Shamana Flora
2017 ~ Living the Medicine: Master Class - Westcoast Shamanic
2018-Currently ~ I am so blessed to be continuing my study and immersion into my ancestral traditional healing with 2 incredible teacher’s from Scandinavia & Siberia. I am also so blessed to be studying with a teacher from Squamish Nation, who’s traditional territory I work and reside on.

Women's Medicine
2014 ~ 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb   
2016 ~ Red Tent Facilitation Training - DeAnna L'am
2017 ~ Transforming the Mother Wound - Pixie Lighthorse
2017 ~ Red Drum Leader Training - Red Moon Mystery School
2018-2019 ~ Deepening Woman - Rachael Crow & Eartha Love Varda

Coming of Age 
2016 ~ Mentoring Girls Training - Journey of Young Women
2016 ~ Pink Tent Rising: Mother-Daughter Circle Facilitation Workshop - Molly Remer
2019 ~ Sacred Menarche Mentor ~ Tnah Louise

Pregnancy & Birth
2007 ~ Postpartum Doula Training - Maternity Wise
2007 ~ Birth as a Hero’s Journey - Birthing From Within
2008 ~ Birth & Postpartum Doula Training - Douglas College
2008 ~ Breastfeeding Support Training for Health Care Providers - Douglas College
2017 ~ Spectrum of Loss Course - Molly Dutton-Kenny

Natural Healing Modalities
2001 ~ Reflexology Certificate - Touchpoint
2003-2004 ~ Diploma in Natural Nutrition - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
2008 ~ Psychosomatic Energies (PSE) Level 1 - BioMed
2009 ~ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - Pivot Point 4 U
2009 ~ Life Coaching Training - Heart Song (Colin Hillstrom)
2009-2010 ~ Post Secondary Teacher Training - Canadian School of Natural Nutrition  
2016 ~ Psychic Development Series 1 & Series 2 - Enlighten Spiritual
2017 ~ Crystal Healing Practitioner ~ The Academy of Ancient Magik
2017 ~ The Heart of Blending - Altar & Leaf Apotheca
2017 ~ Energy Medicine - Innersource
2018 ~ Sound Therapy Diploma Level 1 ~ Siddha Sandra
2018 ~ Cacao Practitioner ~ Keith's Cacao

Sacred Art Creation
2013 ~ Medicine Doll Making Course - Barb Kobe